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Better Container Packaging

Habitat lets you explicitly declare the dependencies and configuration your application needs to run. Scaffolding helps you quickly develop applications built in languages such as Node.js, Ruby-on-Rails, and Java.

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Build and upload

Target any format or runtime

When you check in code, Habitat automatically builds a package containing your application, its libraries, and dependencies.

Your package can be run in any cloud-native architecture. Deploy it consistently in multiple formats and runtime environments: Docker, Kubernetes, Cloud Foundry, Mesosphere, VMs, bare metal, and more.

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Consistent Application Management

Habitat includes a Supervisor every time it builds your application. The Supervisor manages clustering topology, automatic configuration, and automatic updates for your application.

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Automated builds and Docker containers in 10 minutes

Habitat Builder lets you automatically trigger a new build and publish a container to Docker Hub when you commit new code to GitHub.