Automate any app, anywhere with Habitat

From containers to traditional services, Habitat gives you a consistent way to build and run your applications in a Cloud Native manner.

For Containers

Habitat builds containers that are easier to manage, without committing to a specific container format or problem.

For Traditional Applications

Habitat helps you modernize your traditional applications to run on any infrastructure.

Build and run containers collaboratively.

Still throwing containers over the wall? Habitat helps you create better containers that both development and operations teams will love.

Quick Config Changes

Make environment specific config changes without rebuilding the container

Secure Secrets

Store secrets outside the container

Intelligent Run-time Management

Cluster containers through gossip based service groups

Traceable Content

Audit the contents (libraries, application, and config) of a container

Manage traditional applications consistently

Still struggling with managing traditional applications? Package them with Habitat and set them free from specific platforms.

Get Started Fast

Package any services your developers need with a simple Plan file.

Simple Config Management

Change config based on developers' needs in a declarative way.

Built-in Monitoring Capability

Integrate with monitoring and management tools through a RESTful API.

Centralized Management Layer

Manage your traditional services like you manage your containers.

How Habitat Works

Habitat simplifies how we build, deploy, and manage our applications.


Habitat makes it easy to build and package your application. Once packaged you can export your application in your preferred container format. For stateful services, you can run this same package on cloud instances, VMs, or bare metal.


Create a plan that defines what your package contains, its dependencies, how it is built, and what’s configurable.

$ hab studio enter

Enter the studio, a “clean room” to build and test your Habitat packages.

$ build origin/myapp

Build your application package, an immutable and atomic artifact of your application.

$ hab pkg export docker

Export a container consisting of your application, dependencies, a lightweight os, and the Habitat supervisor.


Habitat makes it easy to run your application in a container or other compute runtime. The Habitat supervisor provides the minimal level of configuration management required. The supervisor also gives you a gossip based services layer that lets you cluster your application with ease. Containers, Cloud, VMs, or Bare Metal, operate your applications in a consistent manner.

$ hab start

Start your Habitat based application by launching your container, or with a simple `hab start`.

$ hab config apply

Easily apply configuration changes by updating the service group.

$ --strategy rolling

Deploy new code as it’s published by setting an update strategy.

$ get /services

Monitor the health of the application and service group through Habitat’s RESTful API

Try Habitat Now

Take a quick, interactive tour of Habitat features in your browser.

Empower your teams with Habitat

Increase collaboration between teams. Accelerate your time to market.


Consistent Deployments

You can confidently deploy your app at scale and achieve consistent results.

Approachable Language

Habitat plan files are easy to write and understand, and provide access to a full-featured build language.

Standardized Libraries

You can create reusable packages for libraries used by your apps.

Dependency Awareness

Each package is aware of all the dependencies it needs for both build and runtime.

Lower Operational Complexity

Ship immutable, versioned artifacts inside OS-independent containers.


Content Management

Manage your apps the same way using Habitat’s built-in runtime features.

Run at Scale

Reduce the complexity of running clustered applications through service groups.

Platform Independence

Run the same package on any platform.

Dependency Resolution

Avoid the pain of deploying multiple apps, with competing dependencies, to the same environment.

Gain Insight

Full traceability of what's packaged inside a container.

Hear What Others are Saying

default Logo

“…I think we have to pay particular attention to technologies that continuously deliver desired end-states, and across diverse production environments, otherwise we're just speeding up over-the-wall procedures.”

Mark Burgess - Author, creator of CFEngine, Emeritus Professor of Network and System Administration, Oslo University College

Mesosphere Logo

“Open source is at the core of the modern application principles powering today’s digital economy. Together, Habitat and DC/OS enable organizations to apply these principles — including autonomy, portability, and scale — to new and legacy applications alike…”

Tobi Knaup - Co-founder and CTO | Mesosphere

Intel Logo

“By making it easy to build applications that run anywhere, the value of hybrid cloud platforms, containers, and their management can be fully realized. Habitat is an important step forward in enabling enterprise IT to fully benefit from the portability and efficiency of cloud computing.”

Jonathan Donaldson - Vice President of Software-Defined Infrastructure, Data Center Group | Intel

Rancher Labs Logo

“Habitat's application automation combined with our container management platform gives development teams the ability to easily build, deploy, and manage their containerized applications on everything from bare metal to the cloud.”

Sheng Liang - CEO | Rancher Labs

CoreOS Logo

“Open source projects like Habitat embrace the ability to help DevOps teams run their applications in containers everywhere. The community can take advantage of Habitat’s application-centric automation on CoreOS Linux and Tectonic across all their environments…”

Wei Dang - Head of Product | CoreOS

Etsy Logo

“We are primarily an on-premise, bare-metal infrastructure. Habitat doesn't care if we're deploying our application containers on bare metal or cloud or PaaS. It's non-specific to what you're doing under the hood.”

Jon Cowie - Staff Operations Engineer | Etsy