Build applications to run anywhere and manage them throughout their lifecycle.

Chef Habitat is open source software that creates platform-independent build artifacts and provides built-in deployment and management capabilities.

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Move existing applications to a cloud-friendly architecture.

Get up and running with Docker containers, AWS ECR, Kubernetes, virtual machines, and more. All from a single build artifact.

Build, deploy, and manage all applications the same way.

Chef Habitat packages include all the tooling needed to ship and run applications. Adopt as much as you need, when you need it.

Know exactly what software is running in production.

Complete dependency management at build time. Know exactly which version of every dependency is running on each node via our API.

Chef Habitat makes it easier to run your applications on any platform.

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Automate delivering applications and services across your estate.

This reference diagram shows how Chef Habitat can be used to build, deploy and manage applications.

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Build Once, Run Anywhere.

Use Chef Habitat to build, manage, and run your applications in a robust, declarative, repeatable way that preserves complicated distributed behavior across many environments.