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Choose any topic to begin learning how Chef Habitat can help your team build, deploy, and manage all of your applications - both new and legacy - in a cloud-native way.

Chef Habitat 101 - Intro Tutorials

Packaging System

Package a sample application

Package a Node.js application as a Chef Habitat artifact that can run on any platform, then export and run it locally in a Docker container.

Start the packaging demo

Estimated time - 15 minutes

Build System

Set up automated deployments

Use Chef Habitat Builder to set up automated builds for a Node.js application, then publish the build artifacts as container images on Docker Hub.

Start the Builder demo

Estimated time - 20 minutes

Process Supervisor

Auto-update a running application

See how the Supervsior can auto-update a running Node.js application to a new version by simply building and promoting a new package.

Start the Supervisor demo

Estimated time - 15 minutes

Chef Habitat 201 - Advanced Tutorials


Habitize a Windows application

Package an ASP.NET application and bind to a SQL Server database.

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Chef Habitat Diagrams


Chef Habitat in Pictures

For the visual learners and those simply curious about the overall system, take a high-level look at the entire Chef Habitat landscape using this set of infographics.

Thumbnail of Chef Habitat system diagrams.