Demos and Tutorials

Learn how Habitat can help your team consistently build, deploy, and manage
all of your applications - both new and legacy - in a cloud-native way.

Habitat 101


Packaging System

Build and export a sample application with Habitat. In turn, you will unlock the power of the Build System and Process Supervisor.


Build System

Quickly set up automated builds for a sample Node application, while also publishing it as a container image to Docker Hub.


Process Supervisor

See how applications built with Habitat can be run and managed throughout their lifecycle using the built-in Habitat Supervisor.

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Habitat 201


Manage runtime services

Get hands on with the Habitat Supervisor by managing application services during runtime.


Build a multi-service app

In this comprehensive tutorial, you'll build, deploy, and manage a complete web application using Scaffolding.


Habitize your own app

Considering adding Habitat to your own application? These language-based guides are the best resource to get you there.