Let's work together to ship your applications with Chef Habitat.

Chef Software provides enterprise-grade management and support so you can accelerate your business's move to the cloud and adoption of container technology.

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Migrate legacy applications to cloud-native platforms without rewriting them.

Applications packaged using Chef Habitat provide flexibility when choosing formats and platforms.

Schedule an onsite workshop.

Jumpstart your Chef Habitat adoption by bringing the experts onsite to work with your team.

Leverage your Automate license.

Chef Automate customers can get support to stand up their own private, on-premises Chef Habitat Builder Depot.

Get ongoing support.

Work directly with Chef — creators of the Chef Habitat project — and their experienced worldwide enterprise-support team.

Chef Habitat can automate the management of your applications. Chef will help you get there faster.

  • Get assistance to understand how you can accelerate your business with Chef Habitat.
  • See what it takes to make legacy applications cloud-native with Chef Habitat on-premises.
  • Work with a professional-services team to help you integrate it with your existing build and delivery tools.
  • Learn how to write Chef Habitat plans to build your applications with the experts.
  • Learn how you can deploy your Chef Habitat build artifact to run wherever your business needs to run.
  • Run your applications on the Cloud, VMs, bare metal, Kubernetes, Pivotal Cloud Foundry, and more.

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Build Once, Run Anywhere.

Use Chef Habitat to build, manage, and run your applications in a robust, declarative, repeatable way that preserves complicated distributed behavior across many environments.