Debugging Plans

While working on plans, you may wish to stop the build and inspect the environment at any point during a phase (e.g. do_download, do_build). Habitat provides an attach function for use in your plan that functions like a debugging breakpoint and provides an easy REPL at that point.

To use attach, insert it into your plan at the point where you would like to use it, e.g.

   do_build() {

Now, perform a build – we recommend using an interactive studio so you do not need to set up the environment from scratch for every build.

   $ hab studio enter
   $ build yourapp

The build system will proceed until the point where the attach function is invoked, and then drop you into a limited shell:

### Attaching to debugging session

From: /src/yourapp/ @ line 15 :

    5: pkg_maintainer="The Habitat Maintainers <>"
    6: pkg_source=${pkg_name}-${pkg_version}.tar.gz
    7: pkg_shasum=c2a791c4ea3bb7268795c45c6321fa5abcc24457178373e6a6e3be6372737f23
    8: pkg_bin_dirs=(bin)
    9: pkg_build_deps=(core/make core/gcc)
    10: pkg_deps=(core/glibc)
    11: pkg_exports=(
    12:   [port]=srv.port
    13: )
    15: do_build() {
 => 16:   attach
    17:   make
    18: }

[1] yourapp(do_build)>

You can use basic Linux commands like ls in this environment. You can also use the help command the Habitat build system provides in this context to see what other functions can help you debug the plan.

[1] yourapp(do_build)> help
  help          Show a list of command or information about a specific command.

  whereami      Show the code surrounding the current context
                (add a number to increase the lines of context).

  vars          Prints all the environment variables that are currently in scope.

  exit          Pop to the previous context.
  exit-program  End the /hab/pkgs/core/hab-plan-build/0.6.0/20160604180818/bin/hab-plan-build program.

  @             Alias for `whereami`.
  quit          Alias for `exit`.
  quit-program  Alias for `exit-program`.

Type quit when you are done with the debugger, and the remainder of the build will continue. If you wish to abort the build entirely, type quit-program.

Outputting the run hook to STDOUT

If you want to output your run hook to STDOUT you can add this underneath the top line.

#!/bin/bash -xe

exec 2>&1 # output to STDOUT