A package refers to a binary distribution for a given piece of Habitat software that contains a software library or application as well as any configuration information for that software. It's a signed tarball with a .hart file extension created from a plan definition and built with Habitat tools that can be post-processed to be runtime specific, such as when creating a Docker container.

Packages are identified using a four-component scheme: origin/name/version/release, where origin, name, version, and release are replaced with corresponding values.

Identifier components

  • Origin: A name that defines a set of related packages. For example, "sample", "core", or "mycompany".
  • Name: The name of the application or service. For example, "postgres".
  • Version: The version number designation by the author(s) of the application or service. For example, "3.1.1", or "20160118".
  • Release: The unique Habitat id for a given version based on the timestamp pattern YYYYMMDDhhmmss. For example, "20160204220358" would be a package built at 22:03:58 on February 4th, 2016. Multiple releases of a given package version may exist using different dependencies and/or compiler options.

When referring to packages from either the depot or the hab command-line interface (CLI), you can refer to them in two ways: A package identifier and a fully qualified package identifier.

  • A package identifier is typically specified using the two-component form origin/name. For example, chef/redis or chef/openssl.
  • A fully-qualified package identifier includes all four components in the following format: origin/name/version/release. For example, chef/glibc/2.22/20160310192356.

If the package identifier isn't fully specified (having less than four components), then the missing components are assumed to be the most recent versions for that package. For example:

  • chef/glibc assumes that version and release values are for the latest version of chef/glibc.

  • chef/glibc/2.22 assumes that the version of chef/glibc is 2.22 and that the release is for the latest version of chef/glibc/2.22.

  • chef/glibc/2.22/20160310192356 only refers to the specific package 20160310192356.

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