Build your ASP.NET web application with Chef Habitat

This guide shows how to build and run your ASP.NET web application with Chef Habitat on Windows.

In this guide

The following steps provide a framework for how to build and package your ASP.NET application; however, you are not required to read them in order. Feel free to move back and forth between topics as you create the plan for your web application.


Download and install the Chef Habitat CLI (command-line interface) on your Windows workstation or VM. You should complete all steps before doing any local development work with the CLI.

Download an ASP.NET application

We will be using Microsoft's Entity Framework sample application available from the MSDN code sample site. Let's download and extract the source code for that application and then we will "habetize" it throughout this guide:

PS C:\> Invoke-Webrequest `
>> -uri `
>> -OutFile
PS C:\> Expand-Archive
PS C:\> cd contosouniversity

What if I get lost?

As we progress through this guide, we will be progressively adding files and code to our plan and will make other changes here and there. If for any reason you feel that the state of your application of plan files is broken, feel free to reference this repository which contains a full working Chef Habitat plan and hooks that may get you back to a fixed state:

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