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Habitat, Google Container Registry (GCR) and Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)

This short post will explore how we can use Habitat and Google Container Registry to deploy a managed container to Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) with Habitat Operator already installed.

The example we will be following is here. Checking this out...

  • person iconStuart Paterson
  • calendar iconJul 18, 2018

Introducing Habitat On-Premises Builder Depot


One of the frequent requests that we have had since we introduced public Habitat Builder last year has been to allow Habitat users to have the same workflow behind the firewall in their private cloud- and on-premises infrastructure. There...

  • person iconSalim Alam
  • calendar iconMay 21, 2018

Introducing Habitat Personal Access Tokens

What are Habitat tokens?

With a recent revision of the Habitat builder site, some brand new functionality has now become available for Habitat users.

Currently, when you are using the Habitat client for operations that require you to be authenticated...

  • person iconSalim Alam
  • calendar iconMar 6, 2018

Habitat Studio Artifact Caching

Habitat's Studio now supports artifact caching across Studios!


This change adds a new capability to the Studio software which allows the downloaded Habitat artifacts (i.e. *.hart files) to be shared between different Studio instances or the between...

  • person iconfnichol
  • calendar iconJul 28, 2017