Habitat 0.71.0 Released

  • person iconMatt Wrock
  • calendar iconWednesday, December 19 2018

Habitat 0.71.0 Release Notes

We are happy to announce the release of Habitat v0.71.0. We have a number of new features, so please read on for all the details. If you just want the binaries, head on over to Install Habitat.

As always thank you for using Habitat!


New Features & Enhancements

  • Add --reverse option to hab pkg dependencies #5923 (jamesc)
  • Add --transitive option to hab pkg dependencies #5940 (jamesc)

Behavioral Changes

  • Remove minimum 3 member requirement from quorum check #5965 (baumanj)

Merged Pull Requests

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Matt Wrock

Matt Wrock is a senior engineer on the core Habitat team. Among other things, Matt has been focusing on bringing feature parity to the Habitat build components and the Supervisor on the Windows platform. Matt has 18 years experience in software development mostly in building high traffic distributed web applications in online advertising as well as various Microsoft.com web properties.

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