Habitat 0.55.0 Released

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  • calendar iconWednesday, March 21 2018

We are happy to announce the release of Habitat 0.55.0. We have a number of new features as well as bug fixes, so please read on for all the details. If you just want the binaries, head on over to Install Habitat. Thanks again for using Habitat!


  • [Feature] Ability to create and upload secrets via the hab cli
  • [Feature] Improve startup time of Windows container studios
  • [Feature] Windows container Studio runs its background supervisor as a service
  • [Bugfix] Windows Supervisor honors a plan's pkg_svc_user
  • [Bugfix] Windows container Studio correctly streams Supervisor output from Get-SupervisorLog
  • [Bugfix] Updated default.toml files are seen on package update (fixes #4576)
  • [Bugfix] Launcher now reaps orphaned zombie processes (fixes #4412)

Habitat Origin Secrets

In a previous release we enabled users to pass in secrets to the studio. With this release, you can now create secrets for your Habitat origin in Builder. These secrets are encrypted locally before they are uploaded to Builder. Only Builder can decrypt these secrets. Once a secret is attached to your origin it will be passed into your Builder jobs as part of the build. This is really useful for things like ssh keys, AWS credentials etc.


hab origin secret upload <KEY> <VALUE>
hab origin secret list
hab origin secret delete <KEY>

Habitat Launcher: New Version Released, Please Update

This release of Habitat includes a new release of the Launcher, a small binary that the Supervisor uses to help manage its supervised processes. Whereas the Supervisor is able to automatically update itself, the Launcher is currently released a bit differently, by design; it should be rare that the Launcher ever needs to change. To update your Launchers, you will need to run hab pkg install core/hab-launcher on each machine that has a Supervisor, and then restart your Supervisor. This will, by necessity, require a restart of supervised services, so factor that into your planning.

While we always recommend using the latest code, this Launcher is of particular interest for Linux users that may be running the Launcher as PID 1 in non-container deployments. If that applies to you, you'll want to upgrade to take advantage of the Launcher's new zombie reaping capabilities. Users running Habitat packages in exported Docker containers will only need to re-export their packages to use the new Launcher. If neither applies to you, then updating the Launcher is not strictly required at this time, but please plan to update at your earliest convenience.


0.55.0 (03-20-2018)

Full Changelog

Features & Enhancements

  • Document installing and running private packages from builder #4733
  • Move http-client crate over to the core repository #4726
  • Move segment-api-client crate to Builder repository #4724
  • Move to a DataDog StatsD client for metrics to allow for tagged metrics #4723
  • Better process for package removal #4712
  • Update hab setup to collect a Habitat generated token #4709
  • Feature Request: hab pkg upload should default to the most recently built artifact #4703
  • Windows Container Studio does not stream supervisor log #4665
  • [data collection] Decompose Builder Job Status data #4632
  • Document all variables available in templates #4626
  • [www] Fix no-results message view #4591
  • Suggestion: Have search results link to sections of the page searched #4561
  • Supervisor/Launcher should reap zombie processes #4412
  • [builder ui] Update label 'Tutorial' to 'Learn' in bldr global nav #4384
  • Add clarification around copyable commands #4361
  • Add Kubernetes exporter to UI #4213
  • Re-do release changelog generation process #4181
  • Builder: better error messages when having github authentication errors #4153
  • Document how to evaluate a release candidate #4768 (christophermaier)
  • Document how to evaluate a release candidate #4768 (christophermaier)
  • add note to release doc about killing non release builds after tag push #4767 (mwrock)
  • add note to release doc about killing non release builds after tag push #4767 (mwrock)
  • [studio] Update stage1 tarball. #4766 (fnichol)
  • Complete documentation coverage of all templating variables #4760 (christophermaier)
  • Encrypt and upload secrets. #4706 (elliott-davis)
  • do not check mounts entering windows container studio #4668 (mwrock)
  • pkg-export-k8s: Remove redundant newline filtering code #4648 (zeenix)
  • Add release notes 0.54.0 #4644 (tashimi)
  • Add asp.net core tutorial #4624 (mwrock)

Bug fixes

  • Document installing and running private packages from builder #4733
  • hab-studio on linux should not require root/sudo when using docker #4716
  • windows packages are not honoring pkg\_svc\_user #4685
  • \[www\] Fix no-results message view #4591
  • Adding new values to default.toml don't get rendered in package updates #4576
  • builds fail when BusyBox mount exits non-zero #4391
  • Builds from web UI and CLI behave differently #4317
  • Updated default.toml files are seen on package update #4777 (christophermaier)
  • Set PATH metadata file to only contain my bin dirs #4722 (elliott-davis)
  • use join for x-plat friendly root paths #4713 (mwrock)

Closed issues

  • runc #4742
  • test #4728
  • Increase visibility / better explanation of Habitat access tokens in builder doc #4721
  • Docker build failed when trying to publish to Docker Hub Container Registry #4705
  • test issue - ignore #4704
  • Document use of Kubernetes exporter #4630
  • pkg_bind_map multiple consumer services in composite file #4601

Merged pull requests

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